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Create your BEST LIFE EVER with - with Health & Life Coaching!

Stressed to Blessed

• Do you long for better work-life balance?

• Are you always busy?

• Do you struggle with putting yourself first?

• Is your stress effecting your health?

Join Health/Life Coach Tanya Shymko to explore stress management techniques in this supportive and informative course. Learn the impacts that stress has on your body and mind, and how you can stop it!

The Program includes 5 weeks of stress management tips, techniques, and tools that will turn your stress OFF and your calm ON!

Clients will also receive one 1-on-1 follow up Coaching session after the Program ends. Scheduling will be done during the last class.  

This Program is held at the Quesnel Arts & Recreation Centre, and is also available to be booked privately for individuals or groups.

*Please note that after August 31, 2019, the price resumes to $220.00.

Stressed to Blessed