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Create your BEST LIFE EVER with - with Health & Life Coaching!

Programs that I offer

Coaching combines personal experience, support, accountability, and an effective system to help you transform your life, health, and body - for good! Coaching is the perfect solution for YOU if what you’ve been doing is no longer working and you’re looking for something greater to get you from where you are to where you want to be in your life., 

Coaching Programs can be customized around any of the following topics:

• Future Planning • Healthier Lifestyle* • Stress Management*  • Career Planning
• Self Care Focus • Time Management • Weight Loss*  Heart Health* • Living Well with Diabetes*
• Communication Improvement • Creativity & Imagination Generation • Therapeutic Art
& Art Classes • Staff Collaboration and Morale

* A Coach can work in tandem with your General Practitioner, Dietician, Physical Trainer, and other Professionals to help you achieve goals with consistent support and accountability.

Signature Programs

Finding Yourself After 40

It can be so easy to lose ourselves and question our own purpose when 'life happens' and we become busy with work, family, home, and other obligations. Finding Yourself After 40 is designed to help you rediscover what makes you YOU, and helps you prioritize yourself without feeling guilty, letting others down, or sacrificing your obligations. 

Length of Program: 12 weeks


Do you dream BIG but have difficulty figuring out how to make it happen? This Program helps you dig deep into your desires and help you map out the steps to make it happen!

Length of Program: 12 weeks

Kicking the Sugar Habit

Are you addicted to sweets? Do you find yourself constantly reaching for chocolate, cookies, or other sugar saturated goodies? Are you always craving candy? 

This Program teaches you how to spot hidden sugar names on labels, helps you recognize what sugar does to your body, and learn ways that you can trick your taste buds with healthier alternatives.  

Length of Program: 2 weeks

Full Body Reset Cleanse

This Program is designed to give your body a break from inflammatory-causing foods, while encouraging some much-needed self-care. 

Length of Program: 4 weeks

Feel Better FAST!

This Program is a good kick-starter to get you on the path of living healthier. Clients will experience both the 'Kick the Sugar Habit' and 'Total Body Reset Cleanse', as well as stress management, self-care ideas, and future goal setting. 

Length of Program: 6 weeks

Stressed to Blessed

This Program focuses on what is causing your stress, how it effects your body, mind, and spirit, ways you can manage it, and how you can move forward with more confidence, clarity, and awareness for what you truly want to get out of life!

Length of Program: 5 weeks

Please call Coach Tanya for a free Discovery Session (consultation)

1 (250) 925-4922